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Before the problem of Covid19

I was heading to a concert. We had planned it for over two years. I don’t know who wanted it more me or him. It was like the last year we had spent following BB King. We just needed some music to fill in the gaps that the hard knocks of life had left.

#1 Eric Church – Monsters (Official Lyric Video)

Kind of makes me wonder if we really know where our monsters live.  I had hoped that I was finished with all of mine.

#2 Eric Church – Stick That In Your Country Song (Lyric Video)

It took me a few times to understand. Eventually, the light turned on.

#3 Eric Church – Who Will Answer The Call?

I will, we will and we will be the passion that leads the rage and the roar. Maybe it's just a wish, and it's a good one.

#4 Eric Church Calls Ashley McBryde on Stage to Perform “Bible and a .44”

This one hits close to home for me, actually, a lot of his do!

#5 Eric Church – Round Here Buzz (Official Video)

Well, there are so many more, but I think tonight I'll have one more then call it a lonely day.

#6 Eric Church – Drink In My Hand (Official Video)

This song is the one that sobered my husband up for life.


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  1. Nowadays we are not supposed to be in large crowds because of the virus. I wonder what it will be like after this virus leaves our lives? I hope one day you will be able to go back to seeing concerts again.


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