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Because I’ve lost it!

Yes, there are things in life that aren’t good! One of them being not able to control your temper, not keeping cool and it has been with this person!

I don’t like to agree with KK and I don’t like KK’s way of doing things! Full stop.

Yes, I don’t like to communicate with KK! Because its always one way – KK’s way!

So yeah! Bam, that’s it! Always just that, don’t agree? Then there comes the threats! The “punishments” and then the “aftermath” to the innocents. Way to get things done when working with KK? Listen to KK words, follow KK’s word! Full stop.

Will KK think for others? Well KK does, but only when its to his benefits! “Oh I think for James! He needs to keep his job because he still owes me 2K! If he doesn’t, he can just die on the streets!”

The rules? Anything that makes KK unhappy is wrong! Anything is wrong has no excuse and hence no explanation will be hear!

Good for me, my part is done, I can finally leave KK for good!! Full stop.

Nope, its a dancing full stop!


What do you think?


Written by alibb

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