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Battle of the supermarkets

With Christmas little over a week away now, the supermarkets are trying to promote their Christmas food to us all in full force.  Generally, I do my shopping at Asda. This is for 2 reasons really. They are cheap, and I can shop online and get it delivered. Not having a car, doing food shopping can prove difficult at times. But over recent years, 2 supermarkets have dominated the UK’s high streets, and that’s Lidl’s and Aldi’s. People these days are getting more and more savvy with their spending habits, and this goes for their weekly groceries as well. On doing a bit of Googling, I see that Aldi’s currently have 740 stores in the UK, and Lidl’s have 600+ stores, I can’t find an exact figure of that though.

There is both an Aldi and Lidl in my town, though Aldi is closer to where I live, so now and again I go in there. I decided to go in there this morning and do a bit of shopping. Armed with my shopping trolley, I noticed it was already busy when I walked in at 10am. What I particularly like about Aldi is the cheapness. The food and groceries are reasonably prices and I can see why people like shopping here. They had a whole ailse just for Christmas food and decorations. I did shop in Lidl the other week too, and I did find their food cheap too. You can understand why people tend to shop in these stores. I think when they first came to the UK people were a little reluctant to shop in these stores. Mainly because the food was so cheap, they didn’t think it was good quality. But in all honesty, the frozen and fresh food is just as good as what you’d get when you buy the more expensive brands. Peoples opinions over the past few years have definitely changed and stores like this are definitely on the rise as peoples shopping habits change, as are their way of thinking. You can understand why stores like Tesco and Asda are under pressure to keep their prices low and always seem to have bargains on. Though as I say, Asda are cheap. I tend to do my main shop once a month at Asda. And any extra’s I want I’ll go to either Aldi or Lidl. For instance, this morning, I bought a joint of pork for £4.19.  I mean, that’s cheap, right? I only have myself to feed, so the joint I bought is more than enough for me.

I definitely think it’s well worth shopping around and going to stores like this. Their food is still excellent quality at a fraction of the price. I can’t believe how cheap some things are. I mean, you can do your entire Christmas food shop in these stores and you’ll by no means be eating sub-standard food. Far from it, the food is still top quality. I saw in Aldi this morning they were selling turkey, gammon, pork, beef and chicken joints and all the trimmings to go with it.

I did hear from a friend that Lidl are going to start with online shopping in January. I shall wait and see.  If they do, I might just change the way I shop. I find you get a lot more for your money shopping in either of these stores.  Is there an Aldi or Lidl where you live, and you shop there?


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