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Pawsecco – Still 'Wine' for Cats & Dogs

How much do you love your cat or dog? Enough to buy them “the purrfect treat for those on four feet” – a made-for-pets Prosecco? 🙂

I spotted this in Aldi this afternoon. it describes itself as “A healthy herbal infusion of Elder Flower, Linden Blossom & Ginseng” advising that one should “Serve over food for the perfect au jus“. The beverage contains no grapes and no alcohol, but sounds quite appetising. I wonder why it’s not for humans too!

About a month ago I found, in the same shop, Bottom Sniffer – Doggy Beer, but this seems a tad more refined 🙂 Well, if you’ve nothing better to spend your money on…

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  1. Hahaha. Here we see an example of where the “greed” can progress. To make money first there was beer. I do not remember exactly when you published the beer post. And now wine. I do not believe these drinks to be used rationally by the owners of these pets.

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