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Babies are Just Cute

It doesn’t matter if they are human or animals, babies are simply cute. Just how cute are they? I am tenacious and I am going to keep on trying until I actually see a ranked list on this site work! I cannot do it all by myself. All of you can help and it is not hard. 

There will be pictures of baby animals.  You want to use the up and down arrows so the baby animal you think is the cutest stays on top.  All of these pictures came from a site. They are not your pets, so you don’t have to feel bad saying another animal is cute. 

I have picked my favorite and entrusted that information to someone who won’t leak it out to the public at large! If at least 10 people  have played  by the stop date (which that same person knows)  and my favorite picture is in the top spot – the person who made the last up or down vote to get it there will win a price. 

So come back often and arrange it the way you like with the cutest baby animal taking the top spot. 

If you have questions you can list them in comments or send it to me in a message. Let the games begin.

#1 fennec fox

My what big ears you have, all the better to hear you with.

8 points

#2 Water Buffalo

Brand new and shaky on his feet!

7 points

#3 A whole families of quackers!

Fuzzy and cute little ducklings.

7 points

#4 What a cutie!

Looks like an adorable little lion cub to me. He is looking pretty intent and serious. I wonder if you were choosing the name what it would be?

6 points

#5 Piglets!

It looks like breakfast time and everyone seems to enjoy it.

5 points

#6 Baby Bison

How does something so small and cute grow up to be that large bison?

5 points

#7 Macaques

They are just looking for trouble!

4 points

What do you think?

11 points

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