And Once Upon a Time – 10

Having that small monetary cushion meant I could take an idiot job somewhere, make the female I was with think that all I had was pocket change.

This protected me from gold diggers and pay for play gals, for I give the outshine of just being able to afford two beers.

I’d always been handsome, and always used it. I’d walk into room and all the eyes would stick to me. I knew it, I used it. Lots of smile, charm, and whoops, there she goes, into my bed.

Then, when I was bored with her, or didn’t like the weather, or the wind blew, I’d pack the few things I’d carried with me, or, leave them, if they were old and go to my boat. I always kept it ready to go, so unless there was a storm, as  the mood took me, I was out at sea.

I’d ridden down the coast, skipping a few ports, now was riding back up, berthing at my skips. Years had passed. In fact it was just about ten years since I’d left this city.  Don’t know why I came back, maybe just to see the old haunts.

Who knows why I came back; well not really a return, just a visit.

I was sure I was long over Zennie. Sure I was soon going to reach that point of seeing women as people and thinking about a tomorrow.

Then I saw her. I saw Zennie.


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Written by jaylar

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