Alabama – Angels Among Us ft Tim Foust * A Cappella * Chris Rupp (Official Video)


If you have children, I would guess you have heard “I’m bored” at least 100 times a day. And that could have been on a very normal day when there was a chore list! Now we have thousands of adults who have to stay home and be in quarantine. And we are hearing “I’m bored more and more. What if we had something to offer those who are simply bored, sick, scared and need some human connections? “

Humm, we have some of that here and we could create more. What would happen if we decided as a community to gather and write posts that those who are in quarantine and only have access to the internet make some great virily choices?

Most of my questions go unanswered. Today I am going to try and reach out to that audience. I am going to try and give the people who need the most help, distractions, and comfort some options right here.  I am going to ask that you all do the same and share it.

I don’t know if you watched the concert on FOX last night. It was interesting. I watched it with my husband so there was a lot of talking. He had to share with me each time one of the artists touched their faces. He has two words he wants me to share with you “STOP IT.”

A big shout out to Tim McGraw . He was the only artist that didn’t touch his face. He is now our household hero for the day. (Although I think he picked out the wrong song to sing.)

So how about we hang out the Welcome Sign to all those who are stuck at home and need something to do, something to smile about and need to know that they are virtual with all of us? (My husband reminded me that I am only one person and I would be the only one dumb enough to do this. ~ He may be right. Still, at least I am trying something different and positive.

If you are a virily member and can comment, please do so and please include a word that rhymes with quarantine! Read, Comment, Share, Share, Share, Repeat.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. all right you’ve converted me. I like country music now!

    This one is amazing. I love the blending of voices. A Capella music when the voice blend like the members of Alabama’s do, is beyond amazing.

    Thank you – i am listening to this now! love it!

  2. You guys lucky to say you are bored coz some people wanted to stay at home and don’t wanna work but they can’t coz it’s their job to treat people. They got no choice, so stay positive in this challenging situation


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