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Something Different ~ August 31st, My Day of Silence

I am not starting a cause. I am not asking anyone to join me. I am doing this because something really does need to change. We have sent emails, we have asked over and over. We have worked hard to build a great community of people. We NEED and DESERVE answers, even if the news may be bad. 

Tomorrow for my August 31, you won’t see any comments from me at all. I won’t put up any new posts tomorrow. I will simply be quiet. I will come and view, but any thoughts or comments will have to wait until my heart heals a bit. I am heartbroken that there is no communication. I am heartbroken about our community. Perhaps in my day of silence, someone will figure out what we have to do differently here to bring back our fun, excitement, friendship, and happiness.

Maybe the answer will come when the silence arrives. 

I am prepared to listen with my whole heart and mine.


What do you think?

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