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About Me Q’s&A’s

As promised to Alibb, here is my response to the About Me Q’s&A’s Challenge. I’m always up for these challenges because it gives me other things to write about. With this challenge it gives you all a chance to know a little bit more about me, but do not worry because I will keep it short.

1) What other nicknames/usernames do you use other than the one you’re using on Virily?

I often refer to myself as “The Gazelle” because it was a nickname I earned while serving in the military. I was often referred to as either “Rabbit” or “Gazelle” by fellow members because I was the fast runner of the bunch, but stuck with “The Gazelle” once I got out of the military.

2) Hobbies…

Im into activities that clear my mind, such as running, cycling, blogging, writing, thrifting and sightseeing. The writings I share are pretty much me in a nutshell.

3) Left or right handed?


4) Currently watching…

At the moment I’m watching my Samsung Galaxy S8 screen, but if you are referring to movies I’m watching “Just Married”. If you love both comedy and romance you will love this movie.

What do you think?

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Written by Thomas Gouard

I'm a military veteran, a Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities, and a college student pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'm a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover. I fell in love with writing during my second semester of college, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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  1. So glad you joined the challenge, Thomas!!

    We’re glad to get to know you better!! You seems to have a very healthy set of hobbies!!
    and LOL on the creative answer for the last question!!

    I think I’ll check “Just Married” out (since I’m in the mood for comedy), but that will be after I completed my list of dramas 🙂

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