5 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

It is often challenging to deal with love ties. It happens to you to stay for a long time in a relationship and still not realize that something is wrong. Sometimes, however, you forget how luck felt like or you feel that you can’t do better than that.

But when you are in the right relationship, everything is different. Sun shines brighter, you smile more, even the daily duties becomes more comfortable. But how can you recognize it?

The following five signs are indicators that your relationship with your partner is the right one:

1. You’re spending the time together, doing the things that both of you want

It’s wonderful when he does what he wants. It is wonderful when she does what she wants. However, it is even better when you find things that you both want to do. Sometimes, it takes more time to find them, but over the time, these things will appear naturally.

2. You are also spending time apart, doing things you both enjoy to do

When you are in the right relationship, the partner is aware that there are things you want to do yourself. We all need to really enjoy things that we adore, and real relationships are those in which the partners understand and respect each other.

3. You fight, but productively

If you are in the right relationship, then it doesn’t matter who “wins” when it comes to disagreements and quarrels. It doesn’t even matter whether you’ll prove anything (although sometimes the situation can get into such a turn). Productive fighting means understanding the other person, finding common ground, creating compromises and mutual respect throughout the process. If the argument finished and you feel that you’ve “won”, then relationship is going the wrong way.

4. Each of you has his/her own friends, but mutual as well

When you’re in the right connection, you can find a balance between a personal circle of friends, your partner and the mutual group of people you hang out with. The lack of any of these three elements can be a sign of concern.

5. You maintain your own identities

You are satisfied with the person you are. And your partner is happy about it. You appreciate each other because you know how to maintain your own personalities. In a real relationship, both partners equally promote and develop their personal identity.


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Written by Alex


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