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3 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

I love topics about weight loss. Maybe it because I tend to pack on the pounds easily,  so I’m always on the lookout for ways to lose weight or maintain my weight.

I’m currently a size 12 and plan on keeping it so. Haha.

That been said,  here are two simple methods I use to burn off calories :

1. Watch What You Eat

Adding weight is largely a factor of what you eat and your lifestyle.

There’s a daily caloric need your bodies should have. For men it’s 2,500 calories and for women it’s 2,000 daily. When you go above this,  the extra gets stored as fat.

Now while it would be difficult measuring the calories you take to know if you are within the daily recommended limit,  you can prevent going over this by watching what you eat.

You should include more of these food types in your diet: leafy greens,  salmon, whole grains,  fruits and veggies, grapefruits, avocados, lean need,  and beans whike avoiding food like white bread,  sugary drinks, pastries, fruit juice, booze, and artificially sweetened drinks.

2. Take in Lots of Water

You can also try the water therapy as this is also great for your skin. Take a glass of eater 20 minutes before your meal and you’ll find you’ll take in less food,  hence less calories.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercises are great on so many levels. Not only do they help you burn fat,  they also help you stay fit and healthy.

You can sign up at a gym and follow their exercise program,  or choose a more relaxed self exercise plan if you find are pressed for time and can’t make it to the gym.


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Written by Muobo

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