20 affirmations that will help your spiritual maturation

Do you need a spiritual support? The following affirmations will feed your brain and soul so when they become part of your daily routine they will even help you build ”spiritual muscles”. 

The affirmations are of a great help when you are willing to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. If you practice it often enough they will change the way you think, even your perspective! If you dislike what you witness in your life recreate a new picture in your brain with affirmations that focus on the changes you are willing to see. 

It is not enough only to repeat the affirmations mechanically and expect a result. The intention for which you do so plays a big role in the whole process. Therefore, just try to imagine how would you feel if your affirmations become reality. 

1. Just as I fell in love with the whole existence, the whole existence falls in love with me!

2. Endless love runs through my vain.

3. I open my mind and heart for the perfect love of the Universe.

4. The Universe is guiding me on my path where everything happens for a reason and in my favor. 

5. I open the doors of my goodness and I accept the divinity.

6. The divinity inspires me for every step I take, for everything I think, for everything I say.

7. The whole existence makes a plot in my favor. 

8. Everything I was looking for, now is looking for me!

9. I live in the perfect love of the Universe. I can see his perfect eyes. I accept the perfect peace of the Universe. 

10. I am enough. 

11. I’ve discovered the secret of the eternity.

12. My existence is full of happiness. 

13. Wherever I go, whatever I see, hear, smell, touch or experience is a vivid indicator that everything supports my idea. 

14. The goodness dominates in every single experience I have. 

15. Now is the perfect time for my dreams to come true.

16. I am a magnet for endless love from the Universe and I attract everything easily. 

17. I am blessed and I am a blessing for this world!

18. I am accepted as I am. I am loved as I am.

19. I am the king of my life! I am the master of my soul!

20. Everything I want is coming easily to me and I can feel it coming!


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  1. I just read something interesting about affirmations. It was that if you truly don’t believe you can you it, you may be causing yourself harm. It tantamount of practicing tell lies. It was an interesting article.

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