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10 Most Shocking Films: 6. Martyrs, 2008

The French masterpiece released more than 10 years ago delighted fans of the horror film. Pascal Laugier – the director who managed to create this work being in depression. A small budget movie took an important role in horror film history.

The film begins when the main film actor Lucie (Mylène Jampanoï) miraculously escapes from the underground torture room where she was held and tortured. After a year, the ghost of a woman she could not help to escape started chasing her.

Together with the help of her friend Anna (Morjana Aloui), they catch the villains who tortured Lucie. It turns out that torturers are not some kind of strange or terrible people – it’s a simple suburban family. All the events were messed by a woman’s ghost, which, using Luci’s own hands, hurt her, thus creating an image that the girl was torturing herself all the time.

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We do not know how the director knew what the victims of torture feel, but he has succeeded in creating a personality that made the film’s viewers think.

First of all, Martyrs is a film that you can dive into. Immerse yourself completely and catch yourself thinking that the impossible has become habitual, and the natural has become astounding, all you have to do is to disregard fear and you will understand what I am talking about.

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Pascal Laugier is not trying to surprise someone with blood, to shock with the plot or denude human cruelty. Martyrs is a story about love and loneliness, terrible agony and overcoming them.

While someone sees the ghosts of the past and the huge beetles on his body, Anna hears a voice that will lead her. Is it madness or reality – does not matter’ the source of this phenomenon is important, not its nature.

I definitely recommend viewing for anyone who is not afraid of naturalistic violence and cruelty.

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