Writing is an Art

Writing to me is an art and not just some words on a page. You can create anything just from the things around you or just from your experiences. I have seen and heard things that would make me want to create a book or two about it because some of it is that good or just that insane. I have read books that shouldn’t even have been written and could tell they only wrote it to say that they have a book or that they are a writer.

I am sorry but to me, you have to earn that title. You have to earn Author and or writer because anyone can sit and type words but it takes some time to really sit and make something worth reading. I am not saying that the first one will be good but at least try and make it something that someone would want to read. When people give their feedback it is to help you while others want to hate but if you know that you worked your butt off to make that beautiful work of art then share it with the World and see what happens.

All art is not going to be a best seller or even win an award that is why you are the only you ever and you just “Do you”.


What do you think?


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