Why Would You Love God?

This question is for you and for me too. Why would one love God? The answer is because He answers our prayers and gives us what we want. However, would we love God even if He doesn’t give us anything or takes a long time to answer prayers or even if He takes away everything that He has given us?

The story of “Job” in the Bible says it all. God took away everything he had and even then he kept on loving and praising God. Would you do the same? As soon as something happens in our life that is not as per our wish, one would start murmuring.

But is that the same for you? Are you loving God in all the situations? God gives us and provides us with our need and when that is taken away, do we have heart to continue to love Him? All these questions would come to your mind automatically.

God is a merciful God. He gave double of what He had taken away from Job. Similarly, we should know that even if it sounds that we have been emptied by God, He is the one who would restore us bountifully. “Abundance” is His promise for us and His promise is true and it never fails.

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  1. God is a merciful God? Tell that to the thousands of people suffering in Yemen for years. Tell that to the poor people of Syria. Tell that to the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis.Tell that to the millions of people who go to bed without enough to eat every night.

    If there is an all-powerful god, then it is a god of cruelty. Open your eyes.

    • I also had no food, shelter and clothing for many days of my life. I suffered extreme persecution for many years. I had health issues that made me think of death.

      When we see things going weird in and around us, we should still keep God in first place. Only God has power to change the situation. God clearly says, “Let the weak say, I am strong. Let the poor say I am well-build.”

      • I read your words. If, as you say, God has the power to change a bad situation, and he doesn’t… If he has the power to save people from endless, unimaginable suffering… and yet chooses not to, then any intelligent person can reach only one conclusion 🙁


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