Weekly Reading Plan (2nd week of December)

For 2019, I set 30 books as my Goodreads Reading Challenge. But, even until the beginning of December, I only read 18 books. I still need to read 12 more books if I want to hit my 2019 reading goal. In order to do it, I plan to read three books per week. I know it sounds like an ambitious plan, but I just want to try if I can make it.

I picked up these books out of random, but turn out they have similar themes which are historical and time travel. These are three books I plan to read for the 2nd week of December.

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#1 The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

This book tells the story of Nix, a girl who can travel anywhere and anytime both real and imaginary places as long as her father has a map of that place and time. They travel with her father across the world with her father's ship. Her father's main goal is to find the map of 1886 Honolulu and travel back there so he could meet the love of his life, but that journey also could erase Nix's existence.

#2 Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

In this historical fiction, we are taken to the story if Hitler won World War 2. Set in 1956, Hitler host an annual race tour where the winner will be awarded an audience with the highly reclusive Adolf Hitler. 

Yale, a former death camp prisoner, lost so much during the war and she has a mission which is to win the race and kill Hitler. But her mission might be compromised because someone she once loved keep watches over her shoulder.


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  1. Great goal and great books. The last 3 novels I have read are On the road by Kerouac, The Shining by Stephen King and Dream Story the book that Kubrick made into the film Eyes Wide Shut. I published 3 reviews here on Virily. I would love to read your opinion on your reads

  2. my advice is; don’t. if the books are worth reading, they’re worth enjoying. so what if you don’t make an arbitrary deadline? try harder in 2020 if reaching some made up goal is important to you

    isn’t it more important to enjoy the book?

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