Hello everyone I am frustrated  right now. Why the hech does he do this. What you may say? My Father is a drinker and he will not stop on me cuz I’m a loser and I’m a piece of crap. Hech told me he denied me as his son. He told me I am dead to him. Why do I keep going back to see if things will change they never do. There are times I can have a great day with him and right when he gets home he picks up that drink and starts his crap. Well I called him out on a few thing’s  and pretty much  stuck up for myself and others. One day or should I say a few days has ok than just out of the blue he will get baste. Welcome to my world I learned to just brush the words off. Kinda like Water off the ducks ass. Sorry bout the language. I feel better now thank you for the Vent!!



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  1. If you are a believer, follow what your religion about how to treat with father, I believe one should respect parents by all means even if they say something wrong or harsh words to you – You should be very calm with him and still love them , that’s what God like the most.

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