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Thursday's Reflections – Local reflections.

Here in Buckland’s Beach, by Mooneys Bridge North Reserve, a few Pukakos in the creek. 

Staying in our bubble as the instructions are, and only allowed to venture on shopping or walking expeditions.

However, not in lockdown 4 anymore, people are allowed not contactable takeaways. Queques of cars pile up as people craving hamburgers, chips and takeaway meals arrive. Not easy to keep social distance if you are staff in these takeaway establishments, but it is expected.

I like to go to coffee shops or such outlets, but I don’t go for the food, but to be with people and talk. That is not allowed but time goes on and soon it will be over.

We are allowed to swim in the beach now..which is nice.

The Pukako knows how to keep its social distance for self preservation, long before covid 19. This thumbnail shows it in Mooneys creek

However, I passed one today …It was not frightened of me, as it is getting to know me, even if I just go walking. 


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. i will say I know the move was hard, but the new pictures and new views you are sharing makes your readers really happy.


    the restrictions will be gone eventually, hopefully, we all learn the new ways quickly!

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