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This Is Me. Who Are You?

I’m interested in a lot of different things, from space travel to urban farming. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a professional athlete. When I got a bit older all I wanted was to make a lot of money – a real lot of money; the next time I grew older I grew wiser and then I started to figure out what I was really passionate about which was to help people feel better about themselves, So, I became an actor where I thought that I could make people laugh and forget about life’s challenges for a few hours but I spent more time looking for work than entertaining audiences. So, someone asked me if I’d like to teach adults how to act like adults in corporate settings and I said “yes”. And I became a corporate trainer and coach and traveled the world helping people be more effective, happier and get along with each other better.

I bring people and business together for mutual benefit – brands to customers: skiers to ski instructors; hungry diners to restaurants; graphic designers to marketing companies; neighbors to neighbors; audiences to theaters.

My desire is to inspire others to live their dreams. I guide them to their hidden and unpolished diamonds then help them mine them until they sparkle and shine. I do this through a variety of methods: most are innate; and always done with empathy and kindness; all of which have helped a lot of diverse and varied people from around the world.

I do this with humor, energy, and helpfulness. I am sincerely interested in seeing businesses and the people that lead and work for them be successful, fulfilled and happy. I’m excited to learn what people want, what drives them; what gets their toes tapping and then help match them with the best available resources. I influence through creativity, empathy, honesty and building trust. And this is what I do really well.

This is Me. Who Are You?


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Written by Ngoc Tran


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