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This past Sunday, I wiped the cobwebs off my bible and ended my 3-month drought of missing church. My reasons for not attending stemmed from not being able to find one fitting what I was looking for in my new neighborhood. For anyone that goes to church regularly you would know that all churches are different in beliefs, community involvement and diversity.

Prior to going to work Saturday evening, I had an interest in revisiting my old church in my old neighborhood because I have struggled to find a church. I believe that revisiting the old things that we once did has the possibility of igniting the flame once more, which would motivate me to continue my search for a church. The morning of Sunday worship, I decided to search Yelp for churches near me because I woke up not wanting to make that drive to my old church, but still wanted to attend.

There were a couple of considerations that led me to a certain church, such as its worshiping time, location and it fit the image of a church I used to attend in my old neighborhood. One of the reasons why I loved my old church was because it was a fit for my generation (Millennial), and the Pastors had personalities that can convey to any ethnic background, which made me see them as a friend and mentor. Many churches that I have attended in my new neighborhood either had services that started near noon, or just did not give of the vibes I wanted, such as them being culturally diverse which was something I had been accustomed to most of my life.

I found a church on Yelp that started at 10:00 AM! Its 10:00 AM worshiping time fit perfectly to my afternoon work schedule. Upon walking up to the door, I was welcomed by them opening and greeted with smiling faces welcoming me in. Once I walked in it did not stop there because I encountered friendly faces leading into the auditorium for worship.

Sure, as a new visitor I was uncomfortable because I was not sure what to expect, but I was aware that all it takes is just a few visits to get settled in. Within thirty minutes of my visit, I knew that I would be returning after what I encountered so far: the welcoming environment, music, deliverance of the message by the Senior Pastor, and there being no issues effecting my work schedule to make it out to praise God.

The church I found blended right in with the hipster community it is surrounded by on the west side of Chicago, and all are welcome no matter what ethnic background you come from. Attending this church, I was able to attend services, as well as have time to get ready for work, which was a huge plus!. The church I found is known as People Church, which fits exactly to its name.

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    • I’m very happy too. I find it hard now to try and make it to my old church because there are so many little perks that comes with the new one, such as parking, time, and in being a lot closer to me. One Sunday morning I was gonna make the drive up to my old church, but I thought to myself I may not find a parking spot. Luckily, I thought of that while I was still in the range of this new church.

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