Who’s living in your house?

A very interesting question was posed as part of my minister’s sermon this morning, “Who’s living in your house?”

As Christians, this is a question we should easily answer, “The Holy Spirit indwells us.”


What does this really mean though? If you’re not a Christian or you’re a new Christian you may think we believe we have a ghost living in us, but this isn’t true at all. It simply means that we believe Christ is working through us.

Are you really allowing Him to do so though? If this is something you endeavor to do, then you should be stopping to think about what He’d do in any given situation you encounter in your life. In this way, you’d be reaching out more in love since that’s one of the many fruits we’ll have when the Holy Spirit lives inside of us.



We are also given lots of great gifts too.


So, as you go through each day this week, stop and ask yourself, “Who’s living in my house?”

What do you think?

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I didn’t think there would be people courageous to post about God and Jesus Christ our Savior. I am reading this at midnight and it made me smile. I was born a Christian, but sometimes I lose myself and feel like I am drifting away from God only to pray and then suddenly forget him for a while all over again, and it makes me feel like such a bad person. Sometimes I just need someone to tell me that everything is okay, even when we’re sad or stressed even when there is no “real problem” problem because there are people that have it worse. =(

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