The 4th Dimension

In this earth, we live in a three-dimensional world with length, width, and height. Every person and every object can be seen because everyone and everything has the three properties of length, width, and height.

However, there are so many things that we cannot see that are upon this earth. We are not able to see many of the different types of emotions a person may have, such as love, hate, joy, anger, happiness, sadness, and peacefulness. We can still feel these things, but we cannot see them because they come from the heart.

Physical things are tangible with the human eye, but the spiritual things, or the feelings from the heart, are invisible even though we can still sense them because spiritual things are four-dimensional.

The dimensions in the four-dimensional spiritual realm are length, width, height, and depth. From a scientific standpoint, we have seen pictures of space taken by telescopes of the end of the universe. That is the limit of the three-dimensional physical realm. However, the spiritual realm extends above that point, but also descends downward throughout the physical realm.

Accessing the fourth dimension is easier than you may think. You already access the spiritual realm every day unintentionally. For example, have you ever had a thought to say something to someone but you didn’t? You restrained yourself from speaking those thoughts into existence because you would have known that the statement would have offended the other person.

Now, take that same concept that is done spontaneously and use it intentionally. You can control which thoughts gain access within your mind. A perfect analogy would be a traffic cop. The cop decides which way the traffic flows. You can decide to stop a bad thought from accessing your mind, while allowing a good thought to pass through. This type of discipline is called visualization. Use visualization in order to pave a better future for you.


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