Tell it like it is Friday

Thank God it is Friday everyone and I am going to be getting my boys soon. I usually try and write this at night because it will conclude my whole day but I can tell you what I am going to do today and then come back and let you know if anything changes. I can say that today is a chill day and I am going to cook spaghetti and then just do some writing since I am trying to make writing my full-time work from home career thing for now.

I am a military spouse so yes I am a stay at home mom, but now my youngest is in school but since I have a high education it is hard for me to get a job somewhere, so I am going to try this stay at home and work thing like I did before. I am working for one client and then I have sites like this that I work for so I am going to ensure that I write a lot when it comes to being online and getting my book done. I hope to have my book done so that I can have it put on Amazon soon. I am doing a short story since many people say you should start with that first before going for a long novel.

I will do more than the tell it like it is topics, but this is going to be my main niche because I am writing on that day. I love writing stories so I may try and add a little story here or a nice play for everyone to read. I did not do too much today because it is like about to be twelve pm but I noticed what I missed when I went to the grocery store yesterday and I almost missed a friend due to my sister being mean. I always tend to think about what I missed the next day and it just gets me lol.  I will get what I need next time I go out because I am not going today haha. I am going to try and chill today and I hope that I can do that without yelling at anyone or arguing with my sister over facebook. I will tell you that story later because it is a long and sad story to tell but one thing is certain my husband got stationed in California in 2011 so we have been here since then so I have not been back home since and I would love to go back but the way everyone is acting I am not sure I want to go back and visit.

This story is just sad because we lost our middle sister when she was fourteen due to autoimmune hepatitis which messes with your liver and it was a sad day and then a year or so after I moved. You know certain things are said and then people are blamed for not actually being there so you know how things can go. Today I am going to be writing my book and getting it done hopefully so that I can self-publish it and start a new one like I am doing now.


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