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A teenager’s heroic act of assisting an elderly lady who needed help

Barbara Braman, 82, was walking down a street in Marston Mills Massachusetts on Tuesday during extremely cold weather when she fell down on the sidewalk since it was difficult to walk on a snowy day.

Nick Kais who is 18 years of age was driving on a road in Marston Mills when he had finished his workout at a local gymnasium when he saw Barbara laying down on the road.

Nick then went to action by checking out if Barbara was okay after her fall on the sidewalk which resulted in a broken arm.

Nick did his good deed by giving Barbara a ride to her home when he discovered that Barbara suffered a broken arm during her fall to the sidewalk. Nick went the extra mile of dolng a good deed by driving Barbara to Cape Cod Hospital for treatment from her injury.

Nick then helped Barbara get checked into the hospital until Barbara’s two children arrived to take care of her mom who went to get her X rays to determine the severity of her injury.

To show people that good deeds get rewarded, a few days later Barbara sent Nick a “thank you” note and a reward of $100 inside an envelope.

Nick has intentions of serving America since he will be joining the United States Air Force in the near future. Even though Nick is being called a hero by Barbara, Nick is modest enough to simply say that he was in the right place at the right time helping a complete stranger in her time of need.

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  1. Nock is indeed a hero and a wonderful guy. Personally, I think who in the world would leave a woman lying on the sidewalk but then this world has become uncaring for a great part. This is a story that really warms the heart.