Talk it out Saturday

Well, today was not a great day and I have to say that I am a little upset about it. Arguing is something I don’t like to do especially when they give me migraines as well. I don’t know why people insist on pushing my buttons so that I snap at one point and get started. I am not a doormat and I am not dumb. Yes, I may slow when it comes to learning something things but I do learn.

There are days that I just want to cry because I am not that smart and there are some things that I forget but why should anyone that is supposed to love you hold it against you? Why? I decided to make a choice to be an at home mom with my boys when I wanted to go back to work and start my career. I mean everyone else has their own career and that is why writing is becoming more than just a hobby for me because I am tired of being invisible and treated like I do not matter.

Staying at home and being a parent is hard because you are at home every day going to every meeting and so on but nowadays I am getting to the point to where I am getting back out there and making myself known and if I have to start my own paralegal and freelance writing business to do it that is what I am going to do. I am really tired of being home and doing nothing and when I want something I can’t get it.

You know I need a new wardrobe bad and I am going to make sure that is the first thing I do when I start making money. I am going to get me some brand new clothes and new pants suits. I am not huge on dresses but I wear them so I am going to buy myself new dresses too.

I hope that everyone else Saturday is going better than mine and I hope that it continues to get better. When I am upset I tend to stay for awhile so it kind of sticks around for a minute lol. I feel that things can be avoided and an apology could be in order which I never get but I still help others and do what God wants me to do. I will continue to do so no matter what happens because he is the one that has the say so over my soul no one else does.

Have a great Saturday everyone. XOXO


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