Strong Shaking Hand is a Symbol of Successful Married Life

Unmarried people are use to live disappointed due to isolation and shaking hand with a man tell you clear about this. The researchers have said that the people who shaking hand strongly spend successful married life, and they do not have the likelihood of getting into the heart disease.

Compared to non-married gentlemen married man more strongly and warmly shaking hands. However, it is contrary in women. Researchers have also said this, people who are shaking hand strongly have got no chances of getting into the heart disease and such people live longer life.

This research was conducted at the Public Health School of Colombia University on 5,000 people in the Columbia ageing Center. These people were divided into two groups, In the first group, those people were kept who born between 1965 and 1976 where the other group was placed between 1976 and 1987.

Research shows that 42 to 53 years old people has successful married life and all these people greatly and strongly shaking hand while meeting others. While the unmarried men of the same age were found to be those who were suffering from heart diseases.

According to experts, strong and warm shaking hand people expresses the habit of getting peeled with people with strong and pleasant links in the society.


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  1. I’m not so sure of all this .. but I have a strong handshake ..So …. there is no fear of heart disease…And I do not like when people have a “lukewarm” handshaking.