How to stop wasting money?

How are your savings? I’m a disaster when it comes to this aspect. I’ve been spending money on useless things instead of saving for others that are actually important. But I said that’s it: this has to stop….

So I’ve been reading about this matter and here are a few things that I learned:

– on my way to work I used to get my caffe latte from my local shop…if you think about it this ads up and at the end of the month it doesn’t come cheap – I decided I need to stop doing this and I honestly can see already a small difference

– when I was at work I used to order food and I realized it comes much cheaper if you prepare it yourself…one thing:I need to learn how to cook…and fast

– I started using the public transportation more often…

so let’s hear what other tips do you know?


What do you think?

Written by alina65447354