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Starting the day with a smile

I work voluntary in a charity shop 1 morning a week, and when I went into the kitchen to make myself a coffee, I picked this mug up.  The quote made me smile.  It can be known that people can sometimes be quite grumpy in the mornings, especially in the winter time when it’s dark and cold outside.  I know for a fact I am!  I have to get up at 5:30am for work, and when I’m walking to work in the winter months, I am sometimes very grumpy when it’s raining and bitterly cold outside.  But, I think starting the day with a smile cheers people up.  Yes, sometimes it can irritate people too, but I think usually the other person smiles back and it brightens their day, don’t you think?  Now Spring is here and the days are getting longer, I think people will start getting a bit more cheerful in the mornings now, I hope!

Are you a morning person? Do you wake up grumpy in the mornings?  When I don’t have to get up for work, I still wake up quite early anyway – usually about 7am.  I think getting up at 8am is late for me!


What do you think?

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  1. Great quote, yes if you are grumpy a person who is cheerful can be irritating.
    Mum used to open the curtains and smile and say “Good morning”. I believe because of that I have always been cheerful in the mornings and Dad would shower and sing in the shower and I enjoyed listening to him.
    Any one can be grumpy on an off day or when they are really tired. It is natural
    I believe in respect for people but at the same time point out that there is much hope and troubles soon pass

  2. I’m fine if people smile in the morning, the problem is when they start talking. ?
    I’m not a morning person at all, and I’m usually very grumpy. Some people find me to be fun, others think I’m scary.

      • Lol, I’m a night owl, pretty much like your friend.
        I love the time whereby I feel much more alone (most pple sleeping)…
        I treasure those timing – I’m comfortable, more inspired and definitely more productive.
        But well, such timing can be little to non-existent for some … and of course there are some who don’t need such timing, people are all different 🙂

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