Revelation of Sealed Knowledge

The key to imparting wisdom into your own life and into the lives of others is to realize that there are two types of knowledge within this world.

The first kind of knowledge is public knowledge. This sort of knowledge is available and accessible to the general public through media sources like television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. Public knowledge also contains knowledge that is taught via the education system.

Although a person can amass plenty of knowledge through public means, this type of knowledge is not able to increase one’s spirituality. True wisdom comes from sealed knowledge.



What in the world is sealed knowledge? Sealed knowledge is the knowledge that you make an effort to access that others have not chosen to research. This type of knowledge must be revealed solely to you so that you will then be able to relay that knowledge to others so that you can lift them out of confusion as well.

For example, during any kind of awards show, the presenter of the award is given a sealed envelope that has the name of the honoree inside. When that presenter breaks the seal and looks inside of the envelope, then that presenter only has access to the name written on the envelope. Then, the presenter relays the name of the winner to the audience.

To obtain sealed knowledge, you must choose to break the seal. However, there is a process as to how that seal is broken within the realm of spirituality. First, one must utilize the instruction given from spiritual laws. After learning these laws, the second step is to apply your life to spiritual laws. Doing spiritual law must begin to supersede the daily routine that you were accustomed to in the past. If a local ordinance contradicts spiritual law, then the selection must be made to not deviate from spiritual law.

For example, a person has freedom of speech. Under spiritual law, a person is not supposed to speak maliciously to another person. Instead of saying whatever comes to mind about a person, that knowledge of the spiritual law brings about the discipline necessary to speak successfully in the future. This example clearly shows that taking that extra step to learn about the sealed knowledge of correct speaking puts the person at a higher level than the norm.

Take the extra time to learn about new things every day because that sealed knowledge you gain will put you over the top. That sealed knowledge that you reveal to others could possibly bring a breakthrough to the rest of the world.


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