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Alabama's Recently Passed and Signed Anti-Abortion Law

There is a great deal of chatter going on about a bill that was written, passed, and signed into law in Alabama that basically prohibits abortions, including in the case of rape or incest. Of course, this has drawn the outrage of feminist groups throughout the US. 

Many groups are claiming that a woman has the right to determine what she does with her body. They are having difficulty with two major points, however.

1. A woman certainly does have the right in regard to her body. She had that right when she chose to have unprotected sex. Everyone makes a mistake on occasion, but most mistakes have consequences. 

2. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she still has the right to choose what happens to her body. However, the unborn child inside of her has all the same rights in regard to its body. The developing baby isn’t an organ in the mother’s body, it is a separate entity. The baby has the same rights that any individual has. An abortion ban doesn’t ignore a woman’s right to chose, it merely protects the rights of the baby. 

The child is a consequence of unprotected sex. The responsibility doesn’t fall solely on the woman, either. A man had to have been part of the equation and he should share in the resolution of the consequence. It is every bit as much his responsibility as it is the woman’s. A baby should also ever be thought of as a punishment. Not all consequences are punishments.

That may sound harsh for the mother and father of the baby, but it is guaranteed that it is harsher for the baby, particularly if it is put to death for the mistakes of its parents.

People might rightly point out the part about rape and incest. Abortion is still illegal in those cases as well. It could also be pointed out that even in these cases, the baby didn’t choose to be conceived and it shouldn’t be punished because of something someone else did. The child is innocent.

However, here is something that a great many people aren’t thinking about, possibly because this is an emotional issue and they aren’t thinking about it logically. The Alabama law wasn’t written and passed entirely for the benefit of the unborn children. 

“What? If the law wasn’t written to protect the life of the baby, why was it written?”

The law was written specifically to get the entire issue into the court system. What will happen there is anyone’s guess. However, for decades, the government has been funding abortions. It has no business doing so. In fact, associations, organizations, groups, and insurance companies have been forced to aid in abortions even when it goes totally against the beliefs of those associations and groups.

For instance, Catholic hospitals have been forced to perform abortions even though the Bible is explicitly against them.

Putting it in the court system is the best logical way to get the government out of the practice, to stop taxpayers from having to pay for something they aren’t directly responsible for, and to stop forcing charitable organizations from doing things that are totally against their beliefs. 

The fact that babies will be saved due to this law is actually a byproduct of the law’s actual purpose, though certainly not a bad byproduct, by any means.

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    Do you believe that an unborn baby has the same rights as the mother and father?

    • Yes
    • No
    • The baby has some of the same rights, but not all.
    • The baby has no rights at all until it is born
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    Do you feel that the government should fund abortions and abortion clinics with your taxpayer dollars?

    • Yes
    • No, the funding should be up to the person having the abortion
    • I don’t pay US taxes
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    Do you think that religious institutions should be forced to perform abortions when it is completely against the religious beliefs?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. The only way I agree that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion is if the pregnancy threatens her life. I also can imagine how horrible it can be to get pregnant due to rape or incest but then there is a very long line of people who cannot have babies and who are waiting to adopt.

    • The point on adoption is extremely true. Imagine what would happen if all the funding the federal government currently spends to support abortion clinics was spent on orphanages and adoption services. With current medical knowledge, it is very rare for the mother’s life to be threatened, too. About 50 years ago, that wasn’t the case and pregnancies did threaten the lives of the mother fairly often. I never knew my grandmother on my father’s side because she died giving birth to my aunt.

    • Yes, and the Bible clearly says how God feels about babies, particularly those that are the most defenseless. It isn’t even arbitrary; those who harm defenseless babies and children *will* be punished.

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