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Remembrance Day at Church

I went to Church on Remembrance Day, 11th November.  I took this photo of the stage area where they have decorated it with a poppy wreath and a lovely stand at the back with poppies draping down it.  To the left is a role of honour of all the people who perished in the First World War who were members of the Church.  The light is a bit too bright to see the names though.

But I thought this was really nice what they have done.  Our Pastor was saying that Role of Honour was up in the loft for about 2 years.  And when they got it down it was all dusty and dirty.  How sad that it was stuck up there, I thought.  I was glad that they retrieved it and polished it up to make it look like new.  It was a lovely service remembering all those people that laid down their lives for us.  And it was nice to see so many people wearing their poppies with pride.  And of course, this year is extra special as it is 100 years since WW1 ended, so there have been many events going on around England and, indeed, the world.


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