Reasons why I am not leaving the House Today

I have got stuffs to attend to, I was lazy yesterday and so i did not do anything. A friend came visiting and we had a long conversation!!!!

YES!!This is a long time friend who I could not turn down when they promised to visit me. We last met in December 2016.YES, it is quite some time that has passed.

I am going to clean the utensils since my wife is in her last months of pregnancy as I said yesterday. In marriage, one has to chip in in some situations and help out in the household chore.

I want to read VIRILY articles written by members, from yesterday on wards, I miss my GOOD friend @Gina23 .

This is the best platform where I am able to share, create content and still be able to earn.I have interacted with some members and all i note from them,they really enjoy doing what they are doing. Blogging!!

After I am done with washing the dishes, I am going to clean the house, I am receiving friends tomorrow, its baby shower time and I am glad this has come true. I did not see myself marrying at anyone’s time and I am now sure we will enjoy life together with my wife.


What do you think?

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