Poetry: Too Tired

Too tired

Too tired to nap

Too tired to hold my cat on my lap

Too much of an upset stomach to sleep

Now my  thoughts are not too deep

Too tired as you may say

To do much this day


I know I must awake

Within my soul

If I want to write

If I want to cook

If I want to mainly feel alive


I will get me some coffee

Or maybe some tea

I do not want to miss

A part of my life today

So I will find a way I say



As you can tell I am very tired. I want to pop out of this sleepiness. I know if I sleep too much today I will not probably sleep tonight. Oh well, Life is still good sleepiness and all. I wanted to write this post to help others not waste their days away only to sleep most of the day. I will rest some then be out and about some during the day.


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna