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Poetry a Lost Art

There was a time when I thought, poetry was a thing of the past.

Few people were reading new poetry and sadly is art would not last.

All my live I loved to read and write poetry.

It sings to my soul.

Books of poetry once were my goal.

But, with the internet books seem to be things of the past

.Blogging is where all the writers are.

If you search deep, you can find poetry that will touch your soul.

Blogs are the new books.

You can find a blog on just about anything.

I have found many blogs about poetry.

I thought my blogging was ending.

That blogging was not for me.

Then, I discovered  many blogs of poetry.

Now, I am blogging, again.

content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved


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  1. We can always write for ourselves, just like what your grandpa told you. Incidentally, I posted that poem of yours in my Pixie page sharing as well the link to your blogspot. However, new policy in FB appeared to be disallowing such link. So, I will have to edit my article and remove the link so I can organically promote it after my ban is lifted (the bots zapped me for that one little mistake ?). But hey, it is earning likes and shares even when my hands are tied ?

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