This video captured By Me at Lado Sarai MCD Ward Where around 100 Families staying on Footpath Adjacent to their complacently Demolished by the Appropriate Authorities under Delhi’s Much Acclaimed Common Men’s Government(Aam Aadmi Party’s Government-Aam Aadmi Literally means in Hindi as ‘Common Men) led by a Leader who became the Chief  Minister just within 2 Months of it’s Formation .You may call this as an Opportunist Politician who earlier was a Civil Servant and was working as an Income Tax OFFICER. People Voted the Party and even the lower section of the society like Dalits(Lowest Caste System of India is Known as Dalit) like Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes including down trodden and Extremely Poor from Various Jhuggi Cluster eyeing on the False Promises whose Even 20% has not been Full Filled by the Said Government.These people were vote Bank of Congress Party in Delhi, But only by making False Promises, this so called Aam Aadmi Party Snatched these vote Banks from the Indian National Congress in Delhi State Legislative Council Election. .

These People were also promised to have their own Home but Mr. Chief Minister Denied When all theses people had gone  to appeal him at Delhi’s Legislative Assembly Office  of Him.They were spoken to get out of the Assembly Premises with 5000 INR to each Family without any step towards their much needed Rehabilitation.

In this interview and Video graph as done by me Personally , these pathos also reflected from the mouth of a Poor from this Lado Sarai’s Jhuggi Cluster in the heart of National Capital.

Still they are in Hope of their Little Home for which I have been knocking every Door of our System to make their Proper Rehabilitation.

In my earlier Video, the interview of Rakhi and Sunita hails from this Jhuggi Cluster.


What do you think?


Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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