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I joined Virily a few months back but only recently became active.

When I first joined,  I had the intention of posting article on women-related topics as I love writing,  especially on such topics.

However,  going through the site made me see there are quite a few personal posts of people’s day-to-day lives and I kind of love that writing angle.

So I’ve decided to make my posting mixed;  some articles and some of my daily life and today I’m going to be sharing a little of my self and hope you like what you read.

My name is Emy, 33 years old and married with a daughter whom I love to bits.  She’ll be two years next month that and I’m currently trying for another child.

My husband and I are currently staying apart for some reasons we are presently working on.

I make dresses and beddings for a living,  and while I love it,  it’s not as challenging as I would like. I’m kinda bored with it and look to get a corporate job.

I love writing and write for a few sites including Virily and steemit. I’ll try to write here daily when I finish from my regular job and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to reading great posts from other members.

I love it here on Virily and hope I make a lot of friends soon.


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  1. Welcome to Virily. I have actually been here for a year now and enjoy it. Many other writers here are very supportive and put out very interesting things. Virily is cool because you can try different things, but what I’ve learned is to share others articles along with your own. Since you love writing I’m quite positive that you will enjoy it.

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