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My Great-Grandfather

This is a photograph of my Great Grandfather on my Mother’s side.  Mum had sent me this photo of him, as she knows I like doing my family history.  I don’t know his name, and Mum isn’t sure either.  But I shall do my research and find out.  Obviously, he is very young in this photo.  My Grandfather, I suspect, wasn’t even born at the time.  It’s a shame there’s not an actual date on the back of the photo, but there you are.  Still, I am glad she has sent this to me.  I have since made a digital copy of this and will save it on my computer.  I love the fashion of the time.  I think he looks very smart with his hat and nice clothes.  Once I find out his name and date of birth, I will be able to add him to my family history.

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  1. Very young and handsome! Those old photos are oddly appealing aren’t they? Maybe because they are a bit dim and out of focus. I love the way everyone was always so smartly dressed back then, Wish people made a bit more of an effort these days tbh!

  2. I agree, he looks very handsome and very nice all dressed up for this photo. I also did my family tree a long time but at that time I could only go back on my father’s side as there did not seem to be any reference on my mother’s side. But a few months ago, I restarted my search on the internet and found a fair amount of information on my mother’s side. Hourray for the web. On my father’s side, I found out my long lost ancestors came mostly from Reims France with some Irish mixed in the lot. So I think I am a good combination of the Irish fighter and the French lover. Again, congratulations on obtaining such a beautiful photo of your great grandfather from days gone by but not forgotten.

    • Thankyou HistoryGal. It sounds like you’ve done really well with your Family History I’m glad you’ve found some more information on my Mother’s side. Yes, the web is certainly very helpful for family history nowadays. Good luck with your continued search for your family, and thankyou for the lovely comment.

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