My 10 Motives for Loving People, Part Two

Love is the motivation for my thought, my behavior and the activity of my life. Love is what I do. Love is my preoccupation. My reading, writing, study, meditation, social engagement, and all that I produce focuses on helping myself and others live at higher levels of love. Love is who I am. Love is what I do.

I have at least ten motives for loving people. They include:

  • We Are All Different
  • We Enjoy Biological Difference
  • We Are Driven to Achieve
  • We Care About Others
  • We Are Organizers
  • We Want to Know
  • We Are a Species of Faith
  • We Are Creative
  • We Are committed to Our Existence
  • We Are Dreamers

In Part One of My 10 Motives for Loving People focused on We are all different, we enjoy biological difference, and we are driven to achieve. In Part Two, I focus on we care about others, we are organizers, and we want to know.

4. We care about others. We, humans, have the capacity to demonstrate love and care for others. When disaster strikes as it too often does across the Earth; we respond with gestures of love and good will.

From the ability to feel what others are feeling when they are hurting; we send food, medical supplies, shelter, clothing and cash to help when others experience and go through crisis.

We, humans, believe love and peace are the highest ideals among our species. Both require diligence on our part and are difficult to achieve. We don’t give up. We persevere because we all share a world.

5. We are organizes. We have an intense need to belong. The human primary connection for belonging is to our birth family. Most humans are close to their parents, their mother and their father. Siblings, extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins enhance the extended connection. Elders and ancestors are honored as the foundation roots of our trees.

People feel safest when connected to others. Often when people live away from the primary and extended family, people join organizations to create a sense of and a place of belonging and connection. We are wired this way. We learn and develop our sense of relevance through our belonging and connections. We feel good when our connections affirm us and empower us.

6. We want to know. We want to know everything. We want to know where we came from. We want to know how we came to be on the Earth. We hunger to know our true source of origin and we are committed to the pursuit of this inquiry and question.

Although, the question cannot be answered at our stage of evolution and development; we continue the search for understanding. We are addicted to solving mysteries and the details of human origin are a mystery yet to be solved.

Neither ivory tower science, nor ivory tower religion and philosophy have qualitatively answered the question. In many ways, it is great sport to pursue the question through discussions and research knowing there is no resolution. People want to know that which cannot be known and dedicate lives to the pursuit of this as of yet unknown.

To conclude Part Two, we are better than what our daily news reports. We are a beautiful loving species sharing a beautiful garden world with plants, animals, and other lifeforms. Is it a great life, or what?

When the series continues we will explore we are a species of faith, we are creative, we are committed to our existence and we are dreamers.

Coming Soon, the Conclusion, Part Three

Oscar Crawford


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