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1 Year Blogging Anniversary

I started blogging on Niume exactly one year ago, the main aim was to develop my writing skills as I want to publish my first book in 5 years. It took me months to publish that first post, I was scared that my writing will be shot down. What if I get all this negative feedback which will ruin my self-confidence? So end of October 2016 I bit the bullet and published. What a surprising journey it has been.

What I learned from my year of Blogging

  1. I learned that sharing your thoughts with fellow bloggers is enormously satisfying.
  2. After that first post, the inspiration just came flowing and I started to write more and more and more.
  3. I learned that the blogging community in general is actually really supportive, giving tips to others, following each other and not nearly as negative as I first thought.
  4. I learned that the more you network, the more you are likely to make friends. I have a list of friends already and I can’t wait for their next posts.
  5. I found the most delicious recipes.
  6. I learn a lot about the world in general, seen photos of places that I would love to go visit.

I want to thank all of you for making this past year so memorable and look forward to sharing even more thoughts.


What do you think?

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Written by Della


  1. I think it is great you have a goal to publish a book in 5 years! And i totally agree the more you network the more friends you will make and seeing photos of places you want to visit I can totally relate!

  2. Nice reading here. I found it interesting to know your side of the story. It’s good that you’ve completed a year’s blogging and I hope you succeed and strive in whatever you’re trying to achieve. Most importantly this is an Inspiration to others.

  3. When I started my own blog in 2007 on mental illness, I was petrified someone would find out it was me, that I suffered from depression and PTSD and hummed and hawed as to whether I should post about my personal life. But I did. I had written pieces of paper all over the place yet never had the chance to share, but then came along blogging. It felt so wonderful to know there were people out there who shared the same struggles, fears due to the stigma of mental illness, and the comments meant the world.

    I enjoy going on other platforms also and was on niume for about 2 years. So pleased you are having a positive experience and enjoying sharing your talent.

  4. What a great inspirational post! First, there are a lot of us that love your posts! Secondly happy anniversary! I saw my 10th anniversary of blogging a couple of years ago, but I still reccall the fear…