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Money Destroys People's Lives

The definite answer is yes. How? Some people destroy the lives of others by being experiencing the evil causes of money. There are so many instances that affect the lives in every family members, relatives or friends. It could fall to a typical situation to the people being controlled by money itself.

First, a broken family is a product of fighting over an inheritance. The family members fought each other to grab things without considering the great impact of cutting the relationship because of money.

Second, broken friendship in terms of lending a certain amount of money and never been paid. In the worst scenario, a close friend steals money because of being ambitious to be somebody.

Lastly, broken trust to familial relatives because of status in the society. There are some relatives that are too busy comparing each other. They have this pride to be more successful among each member in their bloodline. Money is the reason why they compete with each other.

Regardless of the status in life, money should not control the lives of every soul in this world. It should be the human who will control the money. A good conscience should linger into their minds. We need to balance the good or evil cause of money. We need also to show respect to ourselves and to others who are yearning to be respected.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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