Race with the Devil (1975) movie review and analysis

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I watched this movie again because I haven’t seen it in a long time, since the first time I watched it in the theater with one of my brothers. It is a 1975 horror film, but filled with action that I considered it to be more of a thriller. But I think I watched this movie when I was older, maybe when I was in junior high, and my brother was probably 8. We used to watch rated R movies all the time because we never really took Hollywood shit seriously. I was raised to think that everything on TV was bullshit, based on Hollywood make believe and magic to fool the public’s eyes. That is probably why I never really followed their garbage, but I checked it out for fun, just to see what they will pull out of their ass next to entertain the public.

While watching the film, I noticed two family actors, Peter Fonda and Loretta Swit, and they are both good actors. So, it is more of a classic horror film because there is a story, although creepy and dark. I noticed satanic rituals and blood sacrifice, which reminded me of many videos about Illuminati rituals and blood sacrifices. One satanic ritual scene in nature looked similar to Kubric’s Eyes Wide Shut ritual scene, where a group of people were standing around a fire and wearing hooded cloaks. There were also naked women in this scene, and the naked blonde girl was lifted up high, stabbed and murder around a large bonfire, while the group chanted. But this scene took place in nature, while the Eyes Wide Shut scene took place inside Rothschild mansion. Moreover, there are lots of witches and witchcraft scenes in this movie, and one looks similar to The Blair Witch Project scene, where there were many voodoo-like wooden structures hanging in the forest for the satanic ritual. Also, the people are terrorized by rattlesnakes, most likely planted by the Satanists and Witches.

This movie was directed by Jack Starrett, produced by Wes Bishop and Paul Maslansky, and written by Wes Bishop and Lee Frost. It stars Peter Fonda and Loretta Swit, as well as Warren Oates, Lara Parker, and RG Armstrong. This movie was filmed in various locations throughout Texas, which includes San Antonio, Castroville, Tarpley, and Leakey. It was also noted that Jack Starrett had actually hired real Satanists as extras in order to make the scenes appear more authentic.  I wouldn’t doubt if he hired people from the Illuminati group, but who knows. Jack Starrett, Wes Bishop, Paul Maslanksy, and Dan Hewitt Owens each had a small role in the film.

Even the older horror films are much better than most recent horror movies because this one seems like a vintage classic film.

You can watch this movie for free on YouTube.


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