Marnie’s Divine Intervention!!

My Divine Intervention!!

I’ve been seeking to find my Inner Child and getting to know myself even more through getting professional therapy!! I’ve been struggling with finding that Inner Child and loving myself for who I truly am. I’ve been  talking with My Higher Power about how to train and reprogram my brain to do more proactive things in my life right now. I have been struggling with my first therapy sessions because I feel like I want to give up before things get better. I talked with my parents about my therapy and they both told me to keep going!! Now, Since I’ve gotten some opinions from my mother and father, I’ve decided to keep going with it!!

Here’s the amazing thing that’s happening right now: I have been talking with my Higher Power and my Higher Self about my therapy and I’ve gotten some feedback from this spiritual world already. I can connect with my Higher Power through my feelings and emotions on a really deep level!! I am going through some amazing transformations!! I feel my Higher Power saying “Marnie, Please keep going with therapy!!” “Marnie, You are loved and cared for in many ways!!” “You are valuable and worth so much more than you think!!” These are like affirmations for me!! It’s amazing that I’m reprograming my brain to think about these affirmations and visualizing my life getting so much better!!

It’s like my Higher Power wants me to be happy and in order for that to happen, I choose to work on myself and do what I need to do to get better. I also choose to change other things in my life right now as well!! Like my health and my financial situation!! Things will eventually get much better when I listen to my Higher Power and my Angels!! They are showing me the way to personal happiness within myself!! I’ve never been so excited to get to know myself again and to love me for who I am as a person for the very first time in my life!! I am ready to move forward with my life right now and see where it will take me!!

As for my therapy, I will keep going with it until I am fully aware of loving myself and finally letting my Inner Child out to play!! I am so blessed to have had a divine intervention with my Higher Power and my Angels!! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me as of this moment!! I am truly blessed and so grateful for this new chapter in my life!! Now, I am ready to put the past behind me and look forward to a new life and a wonderful near-present future and a brightly filled one at that!! I now feel that I am safe, cared for and loved by my Higher Power!! I am eternally grateful and in my heart I am starting to love myself even more than before!!


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