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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 20): True Happiness

Happy times seem to be so fleeting in a world that is filled with cruelty, animosity, and disaster.  Despite the fact that unfavorable circumstances can arise at any given time, one can remain truly happy during these desperate times in life.  I apologize for not doing another section in a few weeks, but I am now back with four things that you can do in order to remain joyful amidst adversity.

1. Eat.  You have to eat in order to live.  However, there are some favorite foods that tickle your taste buds every time you think about them.  Each and every person has some sort of comfort food that makes him or her feel real good at any time.  I am not saying that you should become a glutton, but eat some good food when you are feeling bad.  Eat good food in moderation.  Never go hungry because hunger will cause for you to make incorrect decisions.

2. Drink.  You cannot have good food without having something good to drink as well.  Drinking brings about refreshment to your body.  Drinking beverages is so important so that you do not go dry.  Never catch yourself going dry during a time in which you will need to remain alert.  Staying refreshed will prevent you from being caught off guard by an unpredictable event that may happen to you in the future.  Refreshment will keep you pretty much prepared for any situation that may come your way.


3. Enjoy what you do.  Out of the four steps today, this step is the most important one.  I usually do not emphasize one step over another, but this key is so important to maintaining true happiness.  You have to enjoy whatever you do on a daily basis.  Find out what you like to do.  Then, continue to do the thing that you like to do.

For example, I like writing this series to those who are seeking for wisdom through the midst of this confused world.  I wouldn’t be twenty sessions in if I did not enjoy writing about these lifestyle choices.  You would not be writing on Virily if you did not like to write as well.  Find a hobby that you enjoy and continue to cultivate yourself.

4. Realize that happiness is a gift.  Happiness is given to you.  You have to make the choice to receive happiness each and every moment so that you can maintain your happiness on a daily basis.  Do not allow for another person to offend you to the point that give away your happiness.  Receive happiness and hold on to your joy no matter what.



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