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Thursday, 7.5.18

It was a hot summer day in July. I decided to go to the mall at 3 pm in order to walk around and check out what’s new because I haven’t been to the Spectrum Center for a while. I noticed many changes, including some new Japanese stores, such as Miniso. Hello Kitty Café has its own space now, and it’s no longer a pop-up café. The vendor carts in the center of the alleys have been removed, which made the mall quiet. I did notice that the Spectrum Center seemed quieter than usual. I browsed in Barnes & Nobel, and I noticed that Urban Outfitters is having a sale.

I sat on a chair in the mall alley, and I decided to play on my iPad. After observing my current surroundings, I blogged about the quiet and relaxed feeling I got, in which felt too quiet. Usually, there are more activities at the mall during the summertime because many young people and students are on vacation from school.

I was wearing my St. Johns orange shorts with matching jacket, in which I had bought back in the 90s during the St. John’s Annual Campout Sale. The jacket and shorts have white and black racing stripe on the sides, in which is current in style for summer 2018 fashions because I remember blogging about this style from a recent issue of C Magazine. My 90s clothes still look trendy for summer 2018. It felt humid until 5pm, and there was a sudden light breeze, which felt nice.

Then, I decided to play Pool on my iPad. It took me a while to maneuver the cue stick and balls with my finger. But I eventually got the hang of it, and I started scoring.

I ordered a light snack, my usual dish of sweet potato fries, a cup of coffee, and two glasses of water. I drink a lot of water during the summertime because I get dehydrated easily. I was not really hungry this evening. The comedy was funny. When I walked out the building at 9:30 pm, I noticed the mall was a little bit more active than usual. People and kids were singing karaoke at the patio area of the adjacent bar. People were walking by and watching. I stood there, mostly watched the kids singing karaoke. The first young girl did a good job. The other two kids were a little off. Then, I noticed it is 10 pm, and I decided to leave. The stores were closing, but some restaurants were still open for business. There were still people hanging out on outside chairs and eating a late snack.

I added my photograph of the IMAX theater at the Spectrum Center mall. The Improv comedy club is right in front of this theater building. But I took this photograph maybe around early 2000s, during one summer day, when I took a photography class in order to learn about developing film. I think they removed this fountain or they changed it because it looks different now.


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