The Networking Dream

Sunday, November 05, 2017

I woke up today, thinking it is Monday. But I made a phone call, I realized it is Sunday. I suddenly noticed that I need to change my clocks and watch because today is Daylight Savings Time Change. For my brunch, I wanted to try out the Magic Bullet that I took from my late other’s house. I went on the internet to see how it works, and I realized that I am missing 4 plastic cups with black pieces, in which I saw at my mother’s house, but I wasn’t sure what they were or what they were with. Anyway, I think they already called the Salvation Army to pick up stuff from the house, and I don’t know if I can get these pieces back, even if I contact Salvation Army on Monday. I am not even sure where it is at now, or what store. Everything was unorganized at the house, and I didn’t know what goes with what. So, I got most of the Magic Bullet pieces, but a couple of other items that I didn’t know were with this product. That is also one reason why I always keep the box of the products that I buy. My garage is filled with empty boxes of my items that I bought.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I remembered another interesting dream. The scene is at a diner or coffee shop, right after a fashion show. I am not sure where this fashion show took place, but I think it was at some mall. Anyway, I am sitting at a small table with a young, thin blonde woman, a blond male fashion designer, and Rob Lowe. I had met the young woman at the fashion show because we were sitting together and discussing the clothes on the runway. She stated that she just finished fashion design school at FIDM, and she is trying to start her fashion design career. We sat at this table because we both wanted to chat with this blond male designer at the table, maybe network with him and ask him about his fashion line. We both liked his fashions. But Rob Lowe also joined our table, and he was mostly chatting with this designer. I was sitting right across from Rob, and I was listening to their conversation, but not chatting. The young woman next to me was also quiet. Suddenly, Rob started chatting with the young woman. He seemed shocked that both the young woman and I were professional and career-oriented, and neither of us recognized him or even hit on him like most women. But this diner or coffee shop appeared to be very crowded because of the earlier fashion event. I was mostly listening to all of them chatting. Then, toward the end, I started promoting the young woman’s fashion design while she promoted my novels to Rob Lowe and the blond male designer.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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