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Adventures at the Local Mall

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I worked on my graphic novel all morning. I decided to take a break around 3 pm, in which I got ready for Improv Night. It’s cold and cloudy this evening. So, I decided to wear my late mother’s vintage coat from 60s, which has that 60s vogue style because my mother used to be thin when she was young as well as she liked fashion. Early today, Gumby had reminded me that I had some dark, movie adaption graphic novels in my nightstand that I had forgotten about. So, I took one with me to the mall so I would read it while waiting for the show to start. I read Dracula episode, which was based on the Coppola movie, starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, and Sadie Frost. It is dramatic for a comic-book style graphic novel chapter. The other ones that I have are from Stephen King novels and movies, The Stand and Dark Tower. But I don’t have the complete series. So, I must have gotten them on sale, probably the Borders closing sale, in which everything was $1. While reading the graphic novel chapter at the outside seating area of the mall, across from the IMAX theater, I heard a man, dresses in a gray business suit, approach a UCI student and her mother, and he asked them to listen to his speech for the Shark Tank. He plans to go on the show to pitch his Massage Robot invention in order to get funding. I just listened to his sales pitch, in which he sounded like a marketing professional. Then, I sat at the bar, adjacent to the Improv, and finished reading the Dracula graphic novel chapter. They turned on the firepit because it was cold outside. I am glad I decided to wear a coat because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be cold or warm. Yesterday was very warm, but today is cold.

At 7 pm, I entered the Improv and order my usual snack of sweet potato fries and coffee. It was funny this evening, and I think one of the comedians was a magician because he did some magic tricks with his green parrot sidekick. I have seen him before at this Improv. I laughed a lot tonight. I noticed that the waiters are not returning my change back. When I asked for my changed, they pretended they didn’t know and returned half of the change, probably because the other half might be the tip they gave themselves from my change. So, I got back $1, and I am like whatever. I walked through the now quiet and peaceful mall, walking by the bright neon lights of the IMAX, through mall alleyways of closed stores and vendors, and towards the parking lot. I noticed that they are moving the big carousel from the usual entryway location, which is a stupid idea. It was in the perfect place, located at the center courtyard, across from the parking lots. They plan to place it near Target, in which I think it is a very small area, which looks like a mall cul de sac. I have noticed that are making all kinds of weird changes, and they are always remodeling with different construction going on. I drove back home, and when I arrived, I noticed the time was 10:10 pm.


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