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You keep going until the end, really

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We have a lot of choices in our lives. Small ones, big ones, huge ones. Choices for the moment that may not seem important, life and death choices that are monumental.

Sometimes, we feel that we reached the summit, we survived a crisis, got through a storm, reached the end of a chapter. But life doesn’t have to give us an intermission, a rest, a pause for rejuvenation. It makes sense to us, but it really isn’t in the rules.

It might be that the bad thing that you are going through has another layer of difficulty to give you. Or a new negative situation comes right up.

Families go through this with horrible chronic illnesses of their loved ones. Sometimes the pain is overwhelming for parents of sick children.

I know this all sounds so difficult and negative. But if it happens in your life in some way. Just keep going…. Climb the next mountain, take on the next task, do what you have to do. Hopefully, there is some purpose to life and to passing through the valleys. Hopefully you will find someone to help you, to give you comfort and rest.

This is life, and it is better than anything else that we have while on the earth.

Be gentle, be kind, and help each other if you can…..  we all have rough times and need help from time to time.

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