Jerry came into my room please bring "Tom" Interesting call of an Arabic man went viral

English is a language not only spoken globally, but strangers also use English to communicate with each other. Sometimes people also face difficulties due to their weak English, because they do not understand their point of view, and especially if this conversation is being made over the telephone, explaining it is a difficult step.

This phone call is actually belong to an Arabic man who has poor English. In the phone call it can be seen that the person staying at the hotel who is known to speak Arabic as an accent and was trying to convince the administration that a rat entered his room.

The receptionist pick up the call and asked what can I help you ? When the caller hear this, the caller said: “Have you heard the name of Tom and Jerry? Jerry came to my room so you bring Tom to take jerry.

The caller was actually trying to explain that the rat entered my room and you please take measure to get rid of it. If possible, please bring the cat so that I can be comfortable. The Arab man also told the receptionist that when you brought Tom, he would catch Jerry comfortably.

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