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Real men do cry

Being a rebellious teenager, I did not like people, their narrow worldview, and especially their stupidity. All my teenage age passed with a book in my hands as it was my best friend. I did not love their vulnerability, their openness, their searches, and their inner journeys. At that time, I was a very close person. 

And I did not like guys at that time. I believed they were born privileged, everything is adjusted to them comfortably in this world by default, their mothers’ hands gently caress them and they were cared for even by a bureaucratic machine.

On the one hand, it can certainly be said that it is. There are hundreds and thousands of arguments for why you are a man’s world. But is it a happy man’s world? I don’t think so.

Now, I meet men who also learn to love themselves. Men who have seen dad’s violence but try hard not to follow in the footsteps that brought so much pain to them and others. They are men who also do not understand how to be in this world, how to distinguish between what is real and what is imposed by a ruthless system crushing their individuality. Men who learn to love themselves to love their women more tenderly.

I notice that men under 30 are much more open-minded, not afraid to change and rethink themselves, no longer fit into toxic, imposed roles. And they are not fear to show their weakness and even cry. 

It is the sexiest, most beautiful human being – the desire to know, to discover, to understand and to look at ourselves as a flow. We are not stones that are just what they are. We can heal and bring love to our wounded lives.

We are all wonderful. And I see it. I see your souls and your journeys.

To change, grow, learn, make mistakes and rediscover, be sensitive and weak are allowed for both a 5-year-old child and a 50-year-old male.

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