Is a challenge a lesson or a punishment to us?

The world always remains the same, and everything in it is done according to eternal laws. And if we recognize these laws and know how to adapt them in our everyday life, life becomes more predictable and harmonious. But harmony is not a commodity you buy once and can constantly use it. It’s probably a gift for the effort we’ve made, and we have to prove that we are worthy of such gifts and such a life. It is at such moments that destiny sends us the challenges we have to overcome or the lessons we have to learn.

In one or another way we have to overcome these challenges. And in what state we will manage to overcome them and what result we will get, depends only on how we accept them from the beginning. Either as a lesson or as a punishment.

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If we take this as a lesson, we are disposed to meet challenges and looking for the right way to overcome them. Such a person can try again and again and do not give up after another failure.  He knows that if there is a task, then there is the right decision also, and the discovery of it is just a matter of time. On the other hand, the person who takes challenges as punishment cannot concentrate on solving a problem because he turns to the past and looks for the reasons why he is punished. It takes a lot of time and energy to find the reason why he is given such a lesson rather than trying to learn it.

Life shows that we have constantly run into various lessons. And we cannot simply overstep them without solving. And every our attempt to postpone and disguise those troubles means that sooner or later they will return to us and in even more severe form.

We do not need to be afraid of challenges – this is part of our lives. And knowing that sooner or later, hard moments will come to life, we can prepare for it. By learning to receive challenges and survive this severe time properly, we will no longer have a crisis because we will be ready for it. The first thing we should do is to get rid of the belief that the life punishes us with various difficulties for our acts committed. And when the difficult period has come to life, we will realize that this was, in fact, the first step towards a new, often better, life.


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